Module Repair

We have been securing repair services for our customers NETWORK 90, INFI 90 and Harmony hardware for more than 14 years, and we have successfully secured repairs for thousands of DCS products for our clients.

Through our return materials, equipment repair and equipment exchange program, ICSS offers quick turnaround on all NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony distributed control system hardware. Most high volume parts can be tested, repaired, and shipped back to the customer within one to two weeks. Specific equipment may be repaired by an ICSS-approved vendor. Emergency repair turnaround can also be provided.

As with the new equipment we offer, our refurbished or exchanged products are protected with a full one-year warranty from the date of shipment. If your equipment is repaired by ICSS, Inc., we provide a full one-year warranty protection on the complete device, not just the area that we repaired. Extended warranties, obtainable at the time of equipment purchase, are also available.

Once we receive your equipment it will be thoroughly tested in an operating Network 90 system utilizing a multitude of diagnostic routines.

Upon completion of your equipment testing, you will immediately be advised of the status of your hardware and options, via a proposal, in accordance with our Equipment Repair Process Terms. Upon receiving our proposal, you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Prior to shipping any equipment from our facility to a customer, whether New, Repaired, or Refurbished, it is thoroughly function tested in an operating NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System. This final test within the system is performed by our experienced field service engineers who have been supporting on-site NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control Systems for many years, and their practical knowledge of the complete system assures that your equipment can be reinstalled in your system with peace of mind.

Some basic examples of pre-shipment testing for all new or repaired hardware:

  • A controller and/or processor module is loaded with test configuration, tested with multiple type I/O modules, H/A stations, and associated communication modules. Module redundancy is tested via cable in a stand-alone state, and via termination unit.
  • An I/O module is tested in conjunction with its master module, and associated termination unit. Each individual channel is function tested utilizing I/O simulation test equipment.
  • A power supply is tested, for 24 hours, under external load, and then under PCU or Console operating loads for an additional 24 hours.
  • Console hardware is installed and tested in a running console, while observing diagnostic routines via DDT terminal.
  • Communication modules are function tested, and proper data polling/communication is verified.
  • Computer Interface Units are functionally tested, communications are established/verified, CIU commands are initiated, SCSI or Serial interface.

The partial examples above demonstrate the final effort that goes into making sure that all equipment is thoroughly tested before it is shipped to our customers.

Please view our NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Nomenclature page for a detailed listing of equipment, which includes:

  • Multi-Function Controller Modules
  • Multi-Function Processor Modules
  • I/O Modules
  • Sequence of Events Modules
  • Computer Interface Units
  • PCU and Loop Communication Modules
  • Termination Units
  • Termination Modules
  • Infinet/Superloop
  • Plantloop
  • PCU Redundant Module Power Supplies
  • MPSI, MPSII, MPSIII Module Power Systems
  • Redundant System Power Supplies
  • Redundant I/O Power Supplies
  • OIU, MCS and OIS hardware, and monitors

As always, we provide TELEPHONE technical support to our clients at no charge, on an unlimited basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the entire warranty period of your equipment.

Our goal is accurate, timely, and professional technical support communication with our customers to help improve the performance of their control system.

The ICSS, Inc. test and repair services are tailored to assure the highest-level quality repairs for our customers.

  • Communication protocols tested.
  • Only components that meet equipment specifications used.
  • If your equipment cannot be repaired, we will provide exchange and/or new pricing.
  • Emergency Turn Around available.
  • Typical Turn Around Times scaled to Customer needs.
  • One year full warranty protection on all repairs.
  • One year full warranty on the complete module or device, not just the repaired area.
  • New equipment provided.
  • Functional Testing
  • Obsolescence Support / Management.

Thank you for considering ICSS, Inc. for your instrumentation and control equipment needs.

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