MicroMod - Control System Upgrade

Thinking of upgrading your existing control system? Regardless of what type control system you are currently using, ICSS can provide a number of hardware alternatives and engineered solutions that will result in your company achieving a secure, efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art control system using MicroMod's line of single and multiloop controllers.

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ICSS is a MicroMod Automation, Inc. Authorized System Integrator.

To assure your upgrade project is a success, ICSS can provide the necessary:

  • Engineering
  • Field equipment
  • Control hardware
  • Installation support
  • Electrical drawings
  • Configuration drawings
  • HMI hardware and development
  • Start up and commissioning

If your project scope consists of only upgrading your current controllers, ICSS can provide the necessary equipment. We can also supply the engineering support to convert your existing control strategy to your new system, regardless of your existing type of equipment. In addition, ICSS can also provide new configuration strategy based on your plants current operating characteristics.

If you are currently using the ABB Bailey CLC or SLC controllers, the setup of your new Mod 30ML replacement controllers will make immediate sense. These MicroMod controllers actually incorporate the critical functionality and function code structure of the Bailey controllers, using a function code library.

Micro-DCI Controllers

The Micro-DCI controllers comprised of compact, flexible, modular units has been accepted, used and proven around the world. Micro-DCI process control instruments are particularly well suited for applications in the refinery, water/wastewater treatment and specialty chemical industries. The family includes the popular 53MC5000 process control station as well as single loop controllers, manual loaders, and indicator/totalizers.


  • One, two, and four-loop models offer flexibility and easy plantwide standardization.
  • Sequence and logic control
  • Library of standard, flexible strategies
  • Programmable graphic operator panel
  • Communicates with all popular PLCs
  • Standard and expansion I/O

53LS6000 "Micro-Mite"

  • Single loop, override and cascade control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to configure and operate
  • Primarily for single loop process applications, e.g., flow, temperature, level, etc.

MOD Controllers

The MOD family of products, including MODCELL and MOD 30ML, provides flexible process control solutions designed to improve efficiencies and operations. Created with critical processes in mind, MOD products include many built-in features to help protect your plant, your personnel, and your profits. Both MODCELL and MOD 30ML are configured with Graphic Application Designer software.

The Mod 30ML is the perfect upgrade for the discontinued ABB Bailey CLC and SLC controllers and it fits into the existing panel cutout./


  • Multiple PID loops, math; logic and sequence control
  • Highly visible, configurable operator display
  • Flexible built-in, modular and extended digital I/O
  • Dual communications networks independently configurable for peer-to-peer or Modbus RTU
  • Memory module backs up configuration and current process parameters
  • Per-point power fail auto-recovery and fail-safe settings
  • Dual communication networks (Modbus and peer-to-peer)
  • Upgrade from discontinued ABB Bailey CLC & SLC
  • Upgrade from small Net 90 systems, Mini 90, NCOM0x
  • Function Code Configuration Library

MODCELL Multiloop Processor

  • Data acquisition, comprehensive regulatory control and flexible sequential control
  • Up to 30 single point, individually isolated process I/O analog or digital
  • Expansion I/O for up to 100 discrete point
  • Memory module backs up configuration and current process parameters
  • Per-point power fail auto-recovery and fail-safe settings.
  • Dual communication networks (Modbus and peer-to-peer).
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