Keep Your Current System

Potential Situation:

You are currently utilizing a NETWORK 90-INFI 90 control system in your plant, and you're considering purchasing a new control system through capital spending.


This capital investment can be substantial and time consuming because of initial design engineering costs, new DCS hardware, strategy engineering, HMI consoles, project management, multiple contractors and electrical/mechanical installations.

In addition, current system removal, software/hardware training for plant operators and technicians, scheduling difficulties, project scope confrontations, change orders, delays, start-up, performance testing, bug fixing and outages will add to your costs.

Additional costs will include new spare parts inventory and potential complexities with new system acceptance by plant personnel. It will be necessary for the development of costly new drawing packages, e.g., I/O Schematics, Motor Schematics, P&ID Drawings, Safety Interlock Schematics, Loop Sheets, Installation Detail Drawings, Cable Tray Plans and Terminations, etc.

Our opinion:

We believe that the ABB Bailey NETWORK 90 and/or INFI 90 Control System is the best and most reliable microprocessor-based control system produced to date. These systems have tremendous power and flexibility, and are easy to configure, maintain and operate.

Net 90 systems utilize extremely powerful controller/processor modules, which are extremely fast, can handle a tremendous amount of transactions per second, and can operate in a redundant mode. The system is easily expanded and there is virtually no practical limit to the number of controllers on the redundant plant data highway. Older equipment can generally co-exist with newer equipment.

Previous engineering effort on NETWORK 90 systems is not compromised with system additions. Upon power-up/restoration, controller configurations reboot without manual intervention. The development of control configuration strategy is easy to perform, very flexible, and makes sense to plant technical personnel because the Bailey function blocks resemble SAMA logic symbols.

If your NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System has been successfully operating your process for years, the value added with new DCS hardware may be marginal at best, because of substantial cost associated with identifying, engineering, installing and commissioning the new hardware.

If you require improved or advanced control strategies, your existing NETWORK 90 system has all the power and functionality that is required. You can optimize your process with your existing hardware and available configuration strategy function blocks.

If you are currently having problems with your installed Net 90 system, we know that we can resolve them because your NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System is a solid DCS system.

How we can save you money:

ICSS Inc. can keep your existing ABB Bailey NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System properly operating for years by supporting your hardware repair needs and providing excellent on-site Net 90 system service support.

ICSS also can provide strategy improvements and additions, configuration drawings, console database and graphics, power and grounding testing, system additions, etc. We also maintain a substantial stock of NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System hardware and console spares.

In addition, many of our engineers and technicians are previous ABB Bailey employees who have considerable experience designing, installing, starting up, upgrading and maintaining NETWORK 90-INFI 90 control systems throughout the world. This translates into an exceptional understanding and working knowledge of Net 90 systems. Our engineers are highly skilled on the hardware as well as the control strategy.

ICSS, Inc. has been successfully supporting our clients Net 90 systems for 14 years, and we can keep your system operating for years to come. Please give us a call for more information.