NETWORK 90, INFI 90 and Harmony DCS Components

ICSS stocks a wide variety of ABB Bailey NETWORK 90 and INFI 90 control modules, I/O modules, termination units, cables and power supplies - Analog Master Modules, Multi-Function Controllers, Multi-Function Processors, all types of I/O slave modules, standard field termination units, Modular Power System components, and complete Operator Consoles.

Our inventory of ABB Bailey NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony hardware is sourced from several areas, including plant buyouts, ICSS Inc. service contract agreements, OEM direct purchases and surplus unused and refurbished equipment from our module repair specialists and partners. All equipment is provided with a full one-year warranty from the date of shipment. Extended warranties can be provided through our various service agreements.

In addition to ABB Bailey NETWORK 90 and INFI 90 hardware inventory, we stock a substantial number of operator console spare parts for Operator Interface Unit (OIU), Management Command System (MCS) and Operator Interface Station (OIS), including CRT's. We also stock complete operator consoles tested and ready for installation.