Installation Services

On-site supervision and project management services

Our field service engineers are seasoned professionals who have been working on process control instrumentation and systems for years. This allows us to provide project management expertise to customers who have skilled people in various disciplines but require someone to bring it all together. Every project we undertake is assigned a single point of contact, the project manager, to assure the job runs smoothly and on schedule. The project manager is involved from the first site visit to customer acceptance testing and sign-off. This immediate and long-lasting ownership of the project always yields high quality results for the end user.

Turn-key services

ICSS offers system engineering, installation and startup services for projects that require turnkey service. We maintain a core staff of engineers and various partnerships with other companies that offer electrical and mechanical installation services. By always working with the same people, we minimize learning curves and maximize quality and customer satisfaction.

Accelerated schedules

We live in a world that increasingly demands shorter down times and quicker turnarounds. It is quite common to operate two and sometimes three shifts of personnel to meet these demands. ICSS has been able to accommodate accelerated schedules and shorter installation times by staffing projects with the right number and quality of people.

Instrument calibration and loop checkout services

As standard with the installation of any new instrumentation and control equipment, ICSS provides accurate instrument calibration and control loop checkout services. Detailed calibration and loop test data sheets are provided for every device included with this service.

Equipment Installation and Installation Supervision

ICSS provides turnkey equipment installation or installation supervision to local plant personnel to assure the proper installation of instrumentation we supply or equipment supplied by others.

We take immediate ownership of every project or scope of work assigned to our firm. While executing our portion of a job, we are always seeking to help in other areas.

Because of our vast experience in process control environments, we are constantly striving to support our customers above and beyond our required level. This helps to solidify our relationship with every customer as well as provide a value-added service to the client.