MRO Support

ICSS, Inc. offers a comprehensive service to our customers for the management of all aspects of your in-plant control system equipment spares, replacements and repair requests, covering all equipment manufacturers hardware.

Our MRO (maintenance repair operations) team can identify, locate, purchase, receive, and issue all of your control system parts and products, including the repair of equipment, and issue directly to your plant personnel from your in-plant storeroom, or from our facility. In addition, we can manage your entire control system inventory, regardless of manufacturer, with our inventory management system.

Utilizing our MRO Team to manage your control system inventory assures high parts availability while maximizing your inventory status.

Companies with multiple plants in various geographic locations, both domestic and international, that utilize the same manufacturer's control system at several of their plants can realize substantial savings through ICSS, Inc. Inventory Management support. In these situations, our experience has seen common duplication of spare parts and modules that has swelled a company's inventory costs to extremely high levels, whether the company is utilizing a centralized or decentralized approach to buying spares.

ICSS, Inc. offers our customers a diverse array of inventory support skills to support our clients, with their process control system hardware. Our support services include:

ICSS, Inc. can help your plant by ensuring the availability of spares required for a particular job, because no maintenance task can be completed if the needed parts are not available, and we can manage your control system inventory in your plant or from our facility.

We can help your company reduce the cost of maintaining your process control system by lowering your inventory costs and inventory efforts, so more focus can be placed on your core business. Our ability to increase the efficiency of a plant's inventory function and support your maintenance team in this critical way will reduce your overall maintenance budget.