Equipment Repair Process Terms

Thank you for your interest in the ICSS, Inc. Module Repair.

If you wish to use our equipment repair service:

  1. Upon receipt of your request for an RMA Number we will forward to you our return material form, with your RMA number listed, within 24-hours. (1)
  2. Please use your RMA form as a packing list, or enclose with your packing list, when shipping us your equipment.
  3. If possible, list device failure symptoms on RMA form.
  4. Please mark RMA number on outside of all boxes.
  5. Ship via your preferred carrier, prepaid shipping to:
    ICSS, Inc.
    1303 Sackett Ave.
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 USA
    Attn: RMA

After we receive your equipment:

  1. We will inspect, and thoroughly test each device.
  2. A proposal will be faxed or Emailed to you for the repair, exchange or replacement of your equipment.
  3. After receipt of our repair proposal, you can decide how you wish to proceed

Upon receipt of our proposal, your choices will be as follows:

Click the links on the left for more information:
Authorize Authorize the quoted repairs, exchange, or replacement.
Return Request the items be returned to you. The basic service charge of $185.00/unit will apply, plus return freight. (2)
Discard Direct that unrepairable items be destroyed by ICSS, and waive our basic service charge of $185.00. (3)
  Note: After receiving our proposal, if you choose Authorize, or Return, a purchase order (PO) or credit card number must be provided to ICSS, Inc. prior to any return customer shipments. If you choose Discard, a PO is not required. (4)

(1) All equipment must be shipped to ICSS, Inc. within 45-days from the issue date of the RMA, or a new RMA number must be secured.

(2) The basic service charge of $185.00, for each device, is for the time, and effort that our technicians and engineers put forth to thoroughly inspect, and test your equipment. If you purchase the repairs, or buy replacement equipment, our basic service charge is included in the pricing.

(3) After we submit a proposal to you, if we don't receive a response from you within 10-Days, we will contact you on a biweekly basis to check on your decision. If we do not receive a response within 90-days from the date of the proposal, concerning the equipment, we will dispose of the equipment.

(4) Our payment terms are NET 30 Days from the date of our invoice. We accept approved purchase orders, credit cards, and COD.

(5) We generally accept the purchase order number, as defined by the customer on our returned quote form. However, we may request a formal written Purchase Order from your Buyer, e.g., with first time customers, or orders valued at >$25,000.00.

Prior to shipping any equipment from our facility to our customer, whether New, Repaired, or Refurbished, all equipment is thoroughly function tested in an operating NETWORK 90-INFI 90 Control System.

All New, Repaired or Refurbished equipment that we provide to our customers is protected by a Full One (1) Year Warranty, covering the entire module or device.