Combustion and Efficiency Testing

A core part of our business is boiler and furnace combustion control optimization. Our combustion and efficiency testing experience is unparalleled. We gather the right information and data to properly tune your combustion control system.

ICSS offers a one-day, travel expense-included service package to perform boiler combustion efficiency testing for small, single-fuel fired boilers. The service includes performing stack gas analysis at several load points to determine the overall combustion efficiency of your boiler.

In addition to the stack gas analysis, we also collect other pertinent information and data to provide the customer with an overall combustion efficiency rating across the full load range of the boiler. Contact ICSS today to schedule our premiere one-day combustion-efficiency service.

Combustion Safety Testing

Though often overlooked, combustion safety testing is one of the most important maintenance issues to be considered. ICSS has conducted hundreds of combustion safety tests for boilers, furnaces, heaters, and air houses. Many customers are fearfully surprised to find out just how unsafe they really are. Don't be an accident waiting to happen. Allow us to audit, test and repair your combustion safety equipment.