Preventative Maintenance Program

With today's installed complex microprocessor-based DCS systems it is difficult to determine where to start when a problem occurs, which diagnostics to perform first, what the hundreds of flashing LED's mean, what might compound a problem, which of the dozens of manuals to research first, etc.

Training courses only touch the surface of what is required to keep your technical personnel sharp and ready to troubleshoot and repair your DCS System problems. A solid and comprehensive Preventative Maintenance (PM) program can be designed to keep your control system operating at peak performance, and when combined with our PM/Troubleshooting Guides (PMT), it will assure that your technical personnel remain sharp. It's all about practice, familiarity, and an individuals "comfort zone."

ABB, Honeywell, Emerson, Rockwell Automation, Siemens Energy, Invensys-Foxboro, Yokogawa, and all other major manufactures of Process Control Systems don't make systems to fail, they manufacturer systems that will operate properly and efficiently for long periods of time, and this is good. These systems can typically run for many months without a problem, and in today's DCS System driven plants, a technician or engineer who only works on the system during emergencies or planned outages can become "rusty" or uncomfortable during a system failure and subsequent troubleshooting process.

ICSS, Inc. can develop a program for your plant personnel that will include hardware PM procedures and also will define structured system interface procedures that will lead your personnel through a series of regularly scheduled procedures, using your Engineering Workstation and other tools, that will have them become familiar and comfortable with their DCS system on a continued basis.

The comprehensive PM and Troubleshooting Guides (PMT) programs and documentation, which we can develop for your plant personnel, will assure that your system will continue to operate at peak performance and will also keep your technicians and engineers proficient in troubleshooting their system. Your technical personnel will be able to anticipate actions to problems that may be forthcoming. With careful planning and good common sense documentation, your plant's technical personnel will be able to function with a calm resolve during plant emergencies and control system problems.

Please remember that during major system malfunctions, a control room typically fills with operating, maintenance, technical, supervision and management personnel, all trying to help resolve the problem and get the plant operating again. In a potentially hectic environment, it is sometimes difficult to calmly focus on what to do first or where the root cause of a problem may be. When a failure occurs there is no time to study the hundreds of instruction books associated with your system. The plant may be down, with valuable production being lost. Just the basic knowledge of getting into the system and the decision of where to start can become perplexing. An individual who has regularly worked within the system, in a PM mode, will be more relaxed and comfortable performing troubleshooting routines.

Our PMT documentation and program can help your personnel focus like a laser beam to get the plant out of trouble and fix the problems. Equally important, during post-mortem discussions, your plant's technical personnel will understand the root cause of a recent problem, recognize how their efforts made the difference and have the knowledge base to reduce future problems.