Application Engineering

Boiler combustion and feedwater controls

Boiler combustion and feedwater control applications have always been our bread-and-butter. We've worked on just about every kind and size of boiler in service today. From small-package units to UP supercritical, we have the right person to maintain, control, tune and optimize your combustion and feedwater control system.

Burner management control systems

Burner management systems are an integral part of any unit with a fuel delivery system. Because the vast majority of our experience is with boilers, naturally we have the capability to test, maintain, enhance or design burner management systems. From single-fuel, single-burner boilers to the largest multi-burner furnaces, we have the expertise to work on your burner management system.

Balance of plant and auxiliary controls

All industries have a common utility installation required to support the core business or process. Naturally, most control systems incorporate this balance of plant controls into the distributed control system via hardwire or third party interface. ICSS has the process control knowledge and system engineering experience to support your utility balance of plant control requirements.

Combustion excess air reduction

Operating a boiler or furnace with a minimum of excess air in the flue gas is the best way to maintain the greatest combustion efficiency. However, combustion air should not be minimized to the point where unburned fuel is carried out with the exhaust gases. ICSS has been able to repeatedly provide significant savings in fuel costs by properly tuning combustion processes to minimize fuel consumption and maximize combustion efficiency.

Control panel design and fabrication

ICSS has designed and fabricated many control panels for the power and steam generation industry. Using high quality materials and components, stand-alone controllers, distributed controls hardware and uninterruptible power sources; we are confident that we can meet your custom control panel requirements.