System Engineering

Single-loop process control applications

ICSS has been utilizing single and dual-loop controllers for small system applications since our company was established more than 14 years ago. We've used just about every controller available on the market. With hundreds of engineered solutions using stand-alone controllers, we are confident that we can apply our expertise to implement solutions for any small process control situation requiring stand-alone controllers.

Distributed control system design and implementation

ICSS has developed hundreds of process control solutions for various industries using the NETWORK 90 , INFI 90, and Harmony Distributed Control Systems. From simple hardware additions to full-blown DCS cabinet arrangements, we can build and test the systems prior to shipment to the end user. Well versed in DOS-based CADEWS, WINDOWS-based CADEWS and Composer, our engineers have the tools and knowledge ready to develop and maintain your control logic documentation.

Burner management systems

We've applied our knowledge and skills to develop control logic for simple single-burner boilers and complex multi-burner, multi-fuel fired boilers. We have an extensive library of IRI, NFPA, ANSI, and ASME codebooks and standards and have worked closely with these regulatory agencies to conform to the latest standards.

Custom process control applications

Our motto is "If you can measure it, we can control it." ICSS has applied countless types of measurement and control devices to provide a vast array of process control solutions. Working with sequential, modulating and third party interfaces of all sizes, we offer quality solutions to your instrumentation and process control needs.

System integration

In many instances, it is not feasible or economical to upgrade or retrofit entire control systems. Therefore, many customers tend to upgrade systems in phases or only upgrade portions of control systems. This approach mandates integration among different types of installed process control equipment. ICSS has tackled many of these projects with great success and earnestly welcomes these kinds of challenges.

Process control strategy enhancement and improvement

Many times a customer will solicit our help to improve upon an existing control strategy. We have developed many customer relationships solely on our ability to correct or enhance an existing process control logic configuration.

HMI operator console development

A very important part of any microprocessor based control system is the computer-based human-machine interface system. The engineers at ICSS have developed hundreds of screens using software packages including all NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony console lines and Wonderware.

HMI retrofit packages

Because the lifetime of many HMI operator consoles is shorter than that of its control system counterpart, many distributed control systems are being retrofit with newer state-of the-art HMI systems. ICSS has been involved in many of these types of projects. Whether it is PLC, DCS, or 3rd Party Interface; ICSS is confident that we can support your HMI upgrade requirements.