Equipment Survey

If you are interested in having ICSS Inc. provide a training proposal for your company, please fill out the following brief equipment survey. This will assist us in creating a program that is suited best to your needs.

If there is specific hardware or software around which you would like the course to be centered, please let us know in the comments section. If there is an RFQ# that you want associated with your proposal, please define it in the comments section as well.

Customer Information
Power System
Standard Network 90 (eg. NPSM0X, NPSI0X, ...)
Modular Power System (eg. IEPAS0X, IEPAF0X, ...)
Modular Power System II (eg. IPSYS01, IPFLD0X, ...)
Modular Power System III (eg. P-HA-RPS-XXXXXXXX, ...)
Harmony Power System (BLP, IFP, 1949779A1024240, 1949779A1024480, ...)
Controller Modules ( _ = N or IM)
_COM0X _MFC01/02 _MFC03 _MFC04/05 _MFP01/11/02/12
_MFP03/03A P-HC-BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-200/300
HARMONY AREA CONTROLLER CLC Loop Controller SLC Loop Controller
Other (Specify eg. AMM03, LMM02, MPC01)
Input/Output Modules ( _ = N or IM)
_ASM01 _ASM02 _ASM03 _ASM04
_ASI01 _ASI02/12 _ASI03/13/23
_DSM01 _DSM02 _DSM03 _DSM04 _DSM05
_DSI01/02/12 _DSI13/14/22
_DSO01/02/03 _DSO04
_HSS01 _HSS02 _HSS03
_QRS01/02 _RIO01/02
Harmony Input/Output Blocks ( _ = P-HB-)
_AIN-120 _AIN-200 _AIN-220 _AIN-300
_CIO-100 _CIO-110
_DOT-100 _DOT-120
_RLY-100 _RLY-200
Communications System
Plant Loop (LIM, BIM, LSM, PCT, ...)
INFI-NET {Super Loop} (NIS, NPM, LIS, SSM, ICT) _HNCC (Harmony Network Communications Coupler)
MCS01 MCS02 MCS Plus
OIS10/11/12 OIS 25 OIS20 OIS30
OIS40/41 OIS42/43 OIS 44/45 OIS 46 (VMS 5.0) Process Portal A/B
Conductor VMS Conductor NT LAN-90 PCV (Desktop)
H/A Stations
IISAC01 Analog Control Station
NDCS03 Digital Control Station
NDLS01/02 Digital Logic Station
Engineering Work Station
Wintools (Windows 95/98/WINNT/W2000/WINXP)
Composer (Windows NT/2000/XP)
Additional Information