Request a Training Proposal

All NETWORK 90 and INFI 90 training courses are customized to our clients' installed systems.

Our no-nonsense approach to training is based on the DCS system hardware and control strategies that you use at your plant. We will use your actual configuration and hardware set-up to design your training course.

In order for us to develop an accurate training proposal that meets the needs of your plant, we need to know what Net 90 equipment is currently being utilized at your facility.

If you are interested in receiving a training proposal from ICSS Inc., please take a moment to complete our Customer Equipment Survey.

We will call you within 24 hours to verify scheduling, location, attendees, etc., and your proposal will be submitted to you as soon as possible.

Listing quantities is not necessary. If there is specific hardware or software that you would like the course to be centered around, please let us know in the comments section of the survey form.

Fill out the equipment survey now.