On-site training classes for NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony DCS

ICSS has developed and conducted many custom training courses on the NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony Distributed Control Systems. Tailored for production, engineering, maintenance or combinations thereof; our training programs always exceed our customers expectations. By conducting courses on site, the customer saves travel and living expenses and keeps their key personnel nearby should any emergencies or short-handed staff situations arise.

Off-site training classes for NETWORK 90, INFI 90, and Harmony DCS

ICSS also offers custom training courses on the NETWORK 90 and INFI 90 distributed control systems at our main headquarters in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. As with all of our training courses, the training programs are tailored to meet the customer's specific requirements.

General - Network 90, INFI 90, & Harmony Training

NETWORK 90/ INFI 90 Control System Training Courses are customized to the clients installed system. Each course will consist of a no-nonsense approach based training method, on the exact system hardware and control strategies used at your plant. We will use your actual configuration, and hardware set-up as a basis to develop your course. We do not provide simultaneous client courses; therefore, when ICSS, Inc. is providing training to your personnel, all questions and discussions will be regarding only equipment you utilize at your plant.

We are not interested in just providing an overwhelming amount of technical information to your technicians so we can state that we told them everything there is to know. We want to provide practical information, and work with your technicians so that they understand the system and increase their confidence required to troubleshoot and maintain it.

ICSS, Inc. instructors selected for training development and teaching courses are senior field engineers with a substantial amount of hands-on, real-world experience. Our instructors will provide valuable information that your personnel can apply in understanding how the system works, how each individuel module works within the system, and how to troubleshoot and correct problems.

As with all training courses provided by ICSS, Inc., the participants are welcome to ask questions or exchange ideas freely throughout the entire session. Since our training instructors are also senior field engineers the interchanges that take place are very productive because of the vast experience of our personnel.

Advanced instrumentation & control

All training courses supplied by ICSS are conducted by one or more of our engineering team. Because our engineers carry years of experience in the instrumentation and control world, ICSS offers advanced courses to further refine your engineering group. No matter how large or small of a project we tackle, our engineers are constantly sharing their knowledge with the customer's personnel. This constant dissemination of information and experience prompted us to develop a formal advanced I&C seminar in order to transfer our experience to others.

Stand-alone controls

Due to a large demand from our client base regarding training on various stand-alone controllers, ICSS has developed a training course solely for the setup, configuration and use of manufacturers stand alone controllers. This course is offered both on and off-site.