Control System Upgrade Audit

Instrumentation and control system audits

Your control system has been operating for years, and you are looking at an upgrade. A comprehensive and objective audit of your complete system should be performed prior to considering all the complex decisions with which you will be confronted. It is important that your audit is completely objective, and the company performing the audit should not be a manufacturer of control system hardware. An ICSS, Inc. control system audit will help answer questions, including: Does everything have to be replaced? Can we use the same control valves or control drives? Will our existing power system be usable? Is our existing grounding grid OK? Which filed transmitters can we keep and which ones should be replaced? Should our analyzers be replaced? What would be the best system for our plant needs? What manufacturers are available for each area of the system? What engineering tools will we need? Is our control strategy sound? What current operating problems should be considered with a new system?

ICSS, Inc. has performed many control system audits over the years for our utility plant, oil refinery, iron & steel production, industrial boiler, government institution, water treatment plant, automobile manufacturing, and facility boiler clients.

Our engineering team will provide a base line of highly detailed information on your entire existing Distributed Control Systems, condition of field equipment, panel devices, control strategy, operating problems, installation problems, maintenance problems, etc. We will provide recommendations covering all defined areas of the plant.

ICSS, Inc. audits are menu driven, meaning the client and our engineering team determine the scope of the audit prior to proposal submission. Therefore, the customer defines the span of the audit.

Please realize that our audit of your control system will not be just a list of your equipment. We will be investigating and developing information on each individual DCS, field and panel I&C device in your system, and looking for problems and/or situations which can negatively impact the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the plant. We will clearly report all information, including recommendations.

Our objective audits generally exceed our clients' expectations and very often become a document that has a high utility within their entire organization. Your audit will be a valuable document regardless of whether you replace certain equipment, make sensible changes to specific installations, or make changes based on maintenance and operating cost savings. It also is a good maintenance tool for scheduling instrumentation preventative maintenance (PM) and tracking the condition of all devices and control systems within your plant.

Instrumentation and control system audits provide a valuable tool when replacing a failed device or searching for a replacement manufacturer and helps you with future planning, repairs, scheduling, modification and system enhancements. We inspect all your instrumentation and controls and centralize all pertinent information on individual devices into a single manual. We develop comprehensive tag lists, instrument data, calibration information, and survey your main plant equipment. If any problem areas are uncovered during the I&C audit, we provide detailed solutions to fix the problems or bring the installation up to code.

Instrumentation and control system audits are typically conducted on mature installations that have been significantly modified over the years typically by more than one group or company. A customer often finds they have multiple operation and maintenance manuals, multiple overlapping sets of drawings, taglists, data sheets, etc. In many instances, they are not sure what they have. The I&C audit yields a complete, comprehensive, up-to-date binder filled with information and data pertaining to a specific operating unit or group of operating units. Contact ICSS today to schedule an appointment to see if one of our I&C audits satisfies your requirements.

Your final audit document will define the overall condition of each device within your control systems, encompassing DCS, field and panel equipment and provide the big-picture information necessary for future planning, repairs, modifications and system enhancements. It will be a useful decision-making tool for operations, plant engineering and management.

The final audit document can be used as a general specification or can be easily converted into a formal specification. It can also be broken out into multiple specifications for different areas of the plants systems.